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We love this machine . It does everything It’s great
To be able to get everything for an affordable price .
Let the lie and skeptical people keep bad mouthing
These machines . It keeps the price from going out of
Control. Oh Ya !

Owner of: 2017 Dominator X2

Michael in Auburn, WA

We love our DomX, we drive it everyday! We haul, feed, hay, fence building supplies, sand, rock, the dump bed can handle it all!!

Owner of: 2015 Dominator X4

Dillon in Pauls Valley OK

This is my second Odes. First was a 2014 dominator SE 4dr. It was a good machine, but, this 2017 X4 is greatly improved in fit, finish, performance & looks over the older models. I use it to haul grandkids and a pair of jet skis to/from the boat ramp. My friends with other brands of SxS cannot believe all the equipment that comes standard on my ODES compared to what they bought.

Owner of: 2017 Dominator X4 1000cc with Zeus Touch

Robert in Canyon Lake, TX

I was looking for a UTV that could haul a family, and room for cargo. Also a must was to have long travel suspension for a plush ride and good ground clearance, well ODES Dom 4 caught my eye. I was also looking at the Polaris General which I liked. But when I added up all of the extras that the ODES already came with standard I really started looking at the ODES. Also the General had several recalls on it and I just couldn’t see paying $25,000 for a machine plus recalls to boot. Sooo that is ancient history now. I have 200 trouble free miles on my ODES , it is just flat out the most comfortable side by side I have rode in, the back seats has just as much room as the front…So far I am very happy with the X4 and always look forward to driving it.

Owner of: 2017 Dominator X4

Tracy in Fallen NV

So glad I bought mine it’s everything I wanted and more, we use it as a family getaway vehicle. We also used it in the Mountains for a search and rescue, it took us where people had a hard time just walking. Not a problem for the X4 LT through deep creeks, steep inclines, and very rocky old river beds. We had a couple issues but dealer was on it, never had to leave it. Thank You ODES for the price and quality of a GREAT SXS.

Owner of: 2016 Dominator X4 LT

Billy in Washington PA

Love our Odes Dominator X long travel 1000. Great machine. Lots of power to go where you want. We live in the mountain so winter it does great plowing snow.

Owner of: 2016 Dominator X2 1000cc LT

Calvin & Verla in Priest River, ID

What an Awesome machine! I put a 2″ lift with 30″ mudder in laws. She handled like a dream. Definitely interested in trading up for a 2018 loving all the new accessories body style and ground clearance.

Owner of: 2015 Dominator 800cc 2 Door

Branden in Conroe, TX

I had one of the 1st 800 Raiders in Dubai and its extreme fun to drive and it keep up with the 1000CC models around here. In 2016 I shipped it to Namibia where we also work and enjoy it even more as it has endless big sand dunes and beautiful beaches to cruise along. It has done almost 4000 KM without a single problem, we do regular service and amazed about the quality of the product.

Owner of: 2014 Raider 800cc & 2016 Assailant 800cc

Hans in Dubai, UAE

Love, love ,love my ride! It has taken me everywhere I wanted to go with hardly any issues! I had the opportunity to buy either the Honda Pioneer 1000 or the Dominator 1000 and have never regretted my decision! Recommend it to anyone looking for a new machine!

Owner of: 2017 Dominator X4 LT

Randy in Eureka, UT

Love all my machines. Gets plenty of looks wherever I go. Plenty of power and room. Love the suspension on my long travel. My kids love their blazer. They have a blast and run the heck out of it. Tracks in the winter for my machines and makes them unstoppable in any terrain. Looking forward to see what ODES comes up with in the future.

Owner of: 2015 Dominator X2, 2016 Dominator x2 1000cc LT, and 2016 Blazer 170cc

Christopher in Clarkston, WA

We really enjoy our 2017 ODES Dominator X2 LT. Looking forward to spring to put more miles on it running the trails in Michigan!!

Owner of: 2017 Dominator X2

Rod in Central Lake MI

Bought my Dominator new from a dealer in northern Michigan. I was a little skeptical at first because of mixed reviews I had read about the ODES products. I have been nothing but pleased with my purchase. I have had ZERO issues with my machine and enjoy the hell out of it. My friend/neighbor bought a Dominator X the following year and hasn’t had any issues with his either. I’m very happy with everything about my machine.

Owner of: 2014 Dominator 4 Door

Scott in Grand Blanc MI

…I like what all you get for the price. It is the only SXS that I can sit in comfortably. I’m 6’5”. It has plenty of power, and performs as good or better than other brands I ride with. I plow snow with it in the winter and does an amazing job.…

Owner of: 2016 Dominator X2 800cc

Ross in Hettinger, ND

Absolutely love this machine. Almost unstoppable, amazing suspension, lots of power and room. I did a few upgrades like air filter relocate kit and flip up windshield. Which made it even better. Looking to buy an assailant in the future

Owner of: 2016 Dominator X4 800cc LT

Matthew in Clinton Township, MI

Has been a great machine with plenty of power. People stop me everywhere and want to know what kind of machine that is, they love the style of it. Had just a few minor problems but my dealer took care of them. I would recommend this to anybody else.

Owner of: 2017 Dominator X4 LT

Larry in Sterling Heights, MI

Machines delivered this week and took them out for the first time. Unbelievable ground clearance, never scratched bottom. Very comfortable, both of us (neighbor and I) previously owned Polaris Ranger crews and bought new 2018 ODES Dominator x4 1000,. We had a very enjoyable day and very impressed with performance.

Owner of: 2018 Dominator X4 1000cc Special Edition

Larry in Clever, MO

We luv our ride, we have had a lot of fun, goes fast. Wow. It’s got smooth handling, fast response, like the grease certs, very helpful, easy to work on and get parts, are fast delivery. Nice job. We like the drain plugs when in the water, drive belt cover has a nice drain plug, never got belt wet yet lol. Nice horn and turn light, nice day time driving lights, pulse head lights hi and low beams. Oil is easy to change… we really luv our ride.

Owner of: 2014 Raider

Kevin from Paris, IL

We love it…it’s a great machine, wouldn’t buy nothing else

Owner of: 2016 Dominator X4 LT 800cc

Steve in Pleasant Grove UT

Love our X4 LT. Our machine continues to outperform the competitive rides my friends own. The Arizona Desert is no match for this machine. Great ride and a great company! We Love our Dominator!

Owner of: 2016 Dominator X4 LT

Keith in Benson AZ

…It goes good in the snow and can hardly wait till spring/summer when the wife and I can take it out for a good tour. Looking forward to be putting on many miles with this unit.

Owner of: 2013 Dominator 2 Door

Danny in Canora, SK

I love my machine. We take it to New Mexico and climb the mountains and it will climb anything you put in front of it… For the price you cannot beat the ODES Dominator X4. It is a tough machine and everybody takes notice of the design. I would definitely recommend these machines to anybody.

Owner of: 2017 Dominator X4

James in Dumas, TX