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To deliver the best in quality as well as the best price. We have sourced parts manufactures from Canada, USA, Mexico, Asia, Taiwan, Japan and more. We have put our parts and UTVS through extensive testing through 3,000 Mile tests to 2,000 on/off switch tests, to ensure our products meet the demands of the consumers. Our parts are purchased worldwide and sent to our factory in Asia for inspection and partial assembly. 


We have made a commitment and set a foundation for great service and parts support for our products. This is the number one thing that can make or break the reputation of any companies products. Another commitment we have made is to produce quality products that a greater majority can afford. The buck does not stop there, on top of great products and support, we have committed to engineer new and innovate standard features and accessories that have never been seen before. From our Patented Hard Cab Enclosures, Patented Rear Winch System, Utility Patent Pending Dual Fan Cooling System, Patent Pending Custom Wheels, Patented Vi-LOCK® Suspenson System, to our exclusive performance exhaust systems through Two Brothers Racing, we are setting the bar OUT. OF. REACH.

What is 12-15-1791 and why is it in your logo?

12-15-1791 is the date that Virginia became the deciding state to approve and ratify the Constitutional Amendments and the Bill of Rights became LAW. We believe in this day and age, those rights are now becoming increasingly infringed upon. We believe these rights are sacred and should be protected. We stand behind these rights and hope to create awareness of these rights. The importance of this date marks the date in which Americans became able to protect themselves as well as have protection from the Government, something we are losing.

These 10 amendments are as follows.

1.Freedom of religion, speech and assembly.
2.Right to keep and bear arms for the purpose of a well-regulated militia.
3.No forcible quartering of soldiers during peacetime.
4.Freedom from unreasonable search and seizure.
5.Right to a grand jury for capital crimes and due process. Protection from double jeopardy, self-incrimination and public confiscation of private property without just compensation.
6.Right to speedy and public trial by jury and a competent defense.
7.Right to trial by jury for monetary cases above $20.
8.Protection against excessive bail or fines and cruel and unusual punishments.
9.Rights not enumerated are retained by the people.
10.Rights not given to the federal government or prohibited the state governments by the Constitution, are reserved to the States… or to the people.

12-15-1791 is a statement. The more people that ask about this date and why it is in our logo means the more we can spread the word about protecting these rights. We are an American Owned and Operated company and we support these rights! Support the date! Support your rights! Create awareness!